Seoul - 1


Off to Seoul!



Flew with Korean Air, a nice change from West Jet.



Put on a gdgt sticker on my phone. If you haven't been to, give them a visit; the idea behind their website is quite interesting.



After an 11 hour flight from Vancouver, finally arrived. The weather was pretty horrid - foggy with rain.



The Incheon International Airport is by far the most gorgeous of the the airports I've been to.



Of course, Korea is home to Hyundai/Kia.



I love being able to see cars not yet common in the states, like the Kia K5 and Chevy Cruz. Both of these are 2010 models, while the US is getting them in the 2011 year. I'm liking the looks of both of these cars.
The Daewoo Matiz - a rebrand of the unreleased Chevrolet Spark. This cars looked awesome in press shots but looks really cheap in real life.
The taxis of Seoul.
Crowded markets.
Came across a bunch of camera shops.
Oh my god, so beautiful.
"Speak to Paul in English" 
More photos to come.