Hello from Google Waterloo. (Week - 19)


On my way to Waterloo (the one in Canada).



Arrived at the Region of Waterloo International Airport. The words "International Airport" are quite misleading as the airport is pretty much the size of a private landing strip.



Since there aren't any gates, everyone made a grand exit, very much like the president on TV.



The airport itself.



I'm here for a month and since the city is so small, there is honestly nothing to see - meaning that there's nothing to photograph. This photo pretty much sums up the city.



I'm working at Google as a temp for the month and going to Mountain View wasn't an easy option because of my student visa. Nevertheless, I'm pretty stoked as I'm working on really exciting and amazing things (which my NDA says I cannot speak of).



Next to the Google office is one of RIM's buildings. RIM, the guys that make phones (Blackberry) as bland as dish soap. Whoops, did I just say that? Sorry RIM.



I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I know that BB users are super passionate about their phones and something called BBM. But let's be honest here.



The entrance to Google's office.



The lobby.



Definitely not Apple's office.



LCD display showing off landmarks in Google Maps.




Edit: Whoops! Deleted some of the photos, apparently there is a draft policy saying that the cafe/office area are out of bounds for photos. If you saw them, erase them from your mind.

A MacBook Pro was issued by Google, and sadly must be returned once my term is over.



Like mine, it's the i5 Macbook Pro. It's fully loaded though and has some other goodies, most significant is the matte high resolution display.



The matte version, as far as I can see is the same as the glass display, just without the glass and an aluminum frame. It also has a resolution of 1680x1050 vs the 1440x900 of mine. Can I keep it? Pretty please?



However, in terms of appearance, I think the glass MacBook Pro looks way better. The aluminum frame honestly looks like an afterthought. It's hard to ignore the 1680x1050 resolution though.


It's great that "work" is what I normally do everyday - messing with Photoshop. Sadly, you can expect my blog uploads to be slow for the next little while, since there's nothing much to see here. :(