First Generation iPhone


Yesterday, I had a chance to take a look at the first generation iPhone - also known as the iPhone 2G. It was released in 2007 and was arguably the first smartphone to really seduce regular consumers.



There's something really special about this phone. As soon as you hold it, you get a really clear sense of how much thought and attention its creators have given to it. I personally feel that this is the most attractive of the 4 iPhones released, and here's why:



First of all, it's got an aluminum back. I love Apple's aluminum products and this is no exception. There is something special about the iPhone though. The tolerances and fit and finish seems to surpass that of the MacBook Pro and iPad. The biggest difference is that the grain of the aluminum is way smoother than that of recent Apple products. I don't know if the iPhone uses a different manufacturing process or if there is a aesthetic/functional reason for this.



The iPhone 2G also has the best "in-hand" feel. The 3G feels too plastic and the iPhone 4 is too rectangular. The 2G is just right (maybe to thick but it's 2010 now).



And guess what? The original iPhone is the only iPhone to not have any visible screws. I'm guessing that Apple changed the design to make servicing more efficient. I also really like the mic/speaker grill design; very Dieter Rams.



Kind of reminds me of the Magic Mouse.



With my 4. Notice how the older displays were grey in color.






The iPhone 4 is significantly slimmer.



The top. I love the how the sim slot flows with the curve of the phone. The recessed headphone jack that fit nothing was pretty lame though.



The volume rocker and mute switch also look brilliant the iPhone 2G. The black just looks fantastic contrasted to the silver casing.


Well, I guess there's nothing much to say. Can the iPhone 5 be aluminum? Pretty please?