Week - 18


I'm writing this from Waterloo right now but a few days ago, I went on a photo walk with a friend in Vancouver. Here are some photos:
Of course, I'm shooting with my GF1, as usual.
The newest generation of the Mustang looks mighty handsome. I'm not a muscle car guy but I would almost like to own one.


Noticed that a building opposite to this one was making reflections on the wall.



Prius and wooden electrical posts? Yep, this is Downtown Vancouver alright.



Man, if you take a moment to actually look at Vancouver, it's a seriously gorgeous city.



Interesting pavement solutions in Yaletown.



I always visit Yaletown when I'm in downtown because of the nifty cars.



The Panamera. Not a fan but I have respect for its engineering. Also, notice that the owner made a sticker of their license plate - so that they didn't have to drill holes into the bumper I guess.



Liking the framing of the headlights. 

Talking about framing of the headlights, I also came across a Bentley Arnage. The picture speaks for itself.



I'll admit it, I'm an old man when it comes to cars. I would rather own a Bentley than a Lamborghini.



Anyone know what this bike is? Had a Honda logo but I've never seen anything like it. I'm ignorant when it comes to bikes so excuse me if this is common.

A Mini dealer - with matching garbage disposal units.

This place is really small but somehow they've managed to fit an army of minis. 

Something about white seats is just stunning. I'm afraid that their turn blue from my jeans though.

I quite like this paint color too. A milky silver.

I usually dislike minis; I don't know why but something doesn't hit the right cord with me. I can't ignore the success of their simple and iconic design formula though.

Their design strategy for the interior is a disaster in terms of ergonomics though. Things are placed in arbitrary places and nothing looks like it belongs where it does. I mean, look at the complexity of the center console and the cup holder. Fiat 500 FTW.
I'm a bit of anglophile and though I would never buy a mini with the union jack plastered al over it, it just looks "right".

This is kind of awesome.

While I was shooting with my tiny GF1, my friend was rocking the Canon 5D.



Look at that glass.



There's a small Apple reseller called, "Mac Station" in Yaletown, next to the Mini dealer. Was surprised to see the Macintosh Classic II on display for people to use. Was super nostalgic.



Red wheels are always a win.



I guess I won't be able to enjoy Vancouver for the next little bit.