Incase Slider Case for iPhone 4

I picked up the Incase Slider for the iPhone 4 yesterday. It was my case of choice for the iPhone 3GS so I figured that the iPhone 4 case had to be just as good.

Please don't ask/complain:

- Why are you using a case? If a product needs a case, it's a failure!
- Did you get the case because of the lack of signal? iPhone 4 fail!
- Woah, why did you get a slider case? Ryan Block told me that it'll destroy the iPhone 4!


Ever since I saw the white iPhone 4, I've wanted it. I couldn't hold out long enough and ended up picking up the black model. I still have this desire for a white iPhone and figured that getting a white case is the easiest way to satisfy this hunger.



Classic Incase packaging.



Comes with a case and a little stand. Costs $35, which is slightly pricey but not crazy.



The case. The Slider cases always have these rubber guard rails that prevent the phone from scratching.



The case is composed of 2 pieces and slides into place, hence the name "slider". Notice the tasteful location of the logo. I hate it when case manufacturers have a giant logo on their case.



Incase has also made a black ring around the camera hole to prevent glare. I've heard that it doesn't exactly work as advertised. I couldn't care less though - I almost never use the flash.



Nice cut outs everywhere. Unlike the bumper, this will work with pretty much any pair of headphones.



The precision of the products is better than most case manufacturers out there. There are some mold lines but they are mostly muted and all the edges are cleanly resolved.



Love the looks. The flash ring adds a nice design touch too.



The stand. I'll probably never use it though.



The slider isn't exactly a thin case, but instead offers really nice protection and great grip in the hand.



The fit is super tight.



Looks great with the Apple universal dock too.