Around Waterloo. (Week - 20)


So, I decided to take a more in-depth look at this city occupied by 114,700 people.



The buses here are eerily similar to the ones in Vancouver. Same color theme, same seating surfaces and everything.


I don't have data for my iPhone in Canada so I've been using the compass for navigation. Works like a charm.



Some of the buildings in the University of Waterloo Campus. Some of the buildings actually have pretty attractive architecture. The university is really significant here and has more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff. Remember, Waterloo is home to only 114,700 people.



Typical anti-big brother graffiti you would find in a university campus.


Some of the buildings are actually kind of Orwellian here.



Saw this and,



reminded me of this.



Also found this.



Quite a fan of bodum products, they are almost universally well designed and made. I own an older model of the french press and they seemed to have made them more modern and Braun-esque. Highly recommend french presses, they're the cheapest way to enjoy awesome coffee.



As usual, I'm taking photos of passing cars. Jaguar XK here.



The Hyundai Genesis Coupe isn't exactly a high volume car but they are surprisingly prevalent in Waterloo. In Vancouver, I was lucky if I saw one a week but here, I see one everyday. The fact that there are so many university students is probably a big factor. The Coupe is a relatively affordable way to impress girls.



Not a fan of the front but the rear is pretty hot.



I'm constantly surprised by how quickly Ford has improved their products. I wish the new Edge looked a little more aggressive though.



My favorite detail on the new Edge - says "Edge" on the headlight diffuser.



How I miss the Pontiac G8. Too bad they will quickly become extinct.



RIM is headquartered in Waterloo.



There are a good deal of RIM offices. At least 16, as shown by the sign.



There isn't much to see though, just a bunch of square, grey, concrete buildings.






I came across these in the RIM headquarters, and found them quite intriguing.



These are shared bikes (I'm guessing) that are used by RIM employees to get around the different offices. The bikes seem to dock into these docking station for others employees to use.



Super durable and minimal design. Not sure why it says Montreal on the bikes though. Waterloo is in Ontario and Montreal is in Quebec.



Look at how thick the handle bars are!



Map of all the station locations.



Everyday when I go to work, I have to watch where I step because these Canada geese defecate everywhere.



It's like a Hitchcock's film here.



They are everywhere. It also doesn't help that this lake is next to Google's offices.



It's fall though, and soon, the geese will have to migrate.



I've enlarged the size of these photos by 50 pixels (width). They are now 800px wide and I think the larger photos are an improvement. Let me know if anyone dislikes the larger photos.