Samsung ML-1915


As many of you guys probably know, there's a serious problem with the business model of printer manufacturers: the ink/toner cost more than a new printer. The replacement toner for my old laser printer is $100 CAD. The Samsung ML-1915, which is better than my old printer is only $70 CAD. What would you buy?


It's pretty obvious that there is some serious price fixing going on here. I am always hesitant to go out and buy a new printer; it really doesn't make sense environmentally. But whose fault is it? The consumer for buying the cheaper option or the companies that rip the users off on ink and toner?


I've never connected a printer to my Mac, was interested on how this works.



Why is the "purchasing" spelt with an upper case?



Look at all that plastic and styrofoam. Only if the toner was cheaper.



Here it is.



The whole printer is covered in tape and plastic. Even the inside of the toner cartridge, and when you pull the tape off, toner flies in your face. Not the most intuitive packaging.



Looks cheap, functional and simple.



Although everything is made of harsh plastic, Samsung did play with textures to make the whole package decent.



Being a low-end printer, it's pretty small and compact... except for this block at the back. It's there to accompany the length of the paper.



The paper tray.



Loads of garbage from the unboxing. Why oh why must you charge so much for toner.



It's no design breakthrough but it's inconspicuous and blends into the background. Nobody wants to show off their printer, right?



Vroom vroom.

I was surprised to see how simple and intuitive the Mac interface is for printing. No software install or drivers; just worked as soon as I connected it.



The print quality is really crisp. If you are looking for a simple printer for simple documents, this really seems like one of the best. The ML-1915 has a 600 - 1200dpi resolution, which I'm told is quite competitive for the pricing.


The ML-1915 is fast, decent quality and affordable. What more could you want from an entry level printer? I wonder how much the toner costs for this printer. I'm afraid to look.