Panasonic DMC-GF1

I have always been a Nikon user. My first camera was the D50 and was replaced by the D90 when it was released. After years of using a full sized DSLR, I started to feel that they are just too large and hefty. When Olympus and Panasonic jumped into the Micro Four Thirds game with the rangefinder-like EP-1 and GF-1 I became incredibly interested. Eventually I just had to get the GF-1 and you'll see why.


The box. Panasonic went the lazy route and just slaps on a sticker labeled "white" instead of actually showing a white GF1 on the box.


The GF1 is gorgeous. It comes in 4 colors (Black, Silver, Red, White). The only truly attractive color seemed to be white, but is only available in Korea, Japan and HK. Thanks to the internet, I was easily able to import one.


Something that all four colors share is a full metal body. The entire camera is made of metal and feels incredibly rigid and durable in the hand - much like the old rangefinder cameras. Love the contrast between the buttons and the white body.


Compared to my D90, this thing is absolutely tiny. It really is amazing how small SLRs can get without the mirror and prism.


The lens of choice for the GF1 is the Panasonic 20mm /F1.7. It is by far the best prime lens for the Micro Four Thirds system and extremely well built. It just completely outclasses my Nikkor 50mm.


Things like the port bay door really shows how well engineered the GF1 really is. Makes the rubber flap on the D90 look disgusting.


The bottom. Nothing much to see but note the fairly slim profile of the pancake lens.


Control layout. The dial, shutter button feel very mechanical and tactile, like the way Cameras used to be.


Here is the Micro Four Thirds sensor in all its glory.


The key reason for my choosing of the GF1 over the EP-1 is its 3" 460,000 pixel display - 230,00 just doesn't cut it.


The GF1 also has a flash, which the EP-1 lacks. Notice the brilliant mechanism behind the flash.


The hardest thing about switching from the D90? It's shooting through the Live View display: I keep looking for the viewfinder.


Overall, I love this camera. It's fast, intuitive, beautiful, retro and best of all, takes wonderful photos.