The Magic Mouse.


Apple is notorious for horrible mice. The mighty mouse is one of the worst mice ever made by man kind. When the magic mouse first came out, I resisted purchasing one because of its lack of being able to do multi-touch commands like expose and pinch-to-zoom. I then discovered "BetterTouchTool", which enables such actions (though zooming is still buggy).




Apple's packaging is shrinking at a rapid rate. They say this is more eco-friendly but I don't see how plastic can be better for the Earth than paper.



The most beautiful part about Apple's mice is the battery compartment - which says a lot about Apple's obsessive behavior.




By the way, did I tell you that my mighty mouse' optical tracking died after 3 months of use? Hopefully the new laser tracking technology will last longer.



The top of the mouse is made of hard polycarbonate which is beautiful but not as smooth for scrolling as the glass trackpad of the MacBooks.



The bottom is made of aluminum, like most of Apple's product line. This gives the mouse some weight, making it a joy to hold.



The Logitech MX Revolution is my all-time favorite mouse. The magic mouse is no competition for the Logitech but the multitouch capabilities gives the magic mouse a wonderful charm.



Style vs Performance.



Conclusion: Better than the mighty mouse, but it's no MX Revolution.